We live in a better world today

I like technology. No, let me rephrase. I love technology. Not simply using it, but creating it. Being a technologist gives me the rare opportunity of giving life to new ideas. And I cherish that.

I love that it provides a continuous source of learning which emerges from endless curiosity. I love that it makes our lives easier and more comfortable. I love that when boredom from doing the same work so much as glances at me, a new technology emerges and I sit up straight with new energy. A couple of months ago, I got access to a new suite of software at work and I texted Oishi, “Oh my God, mama! You wouldn’t believe what kind of software I have access to now.” She wrote back, “Gee, mama! You are such a geek!”

Everyone knows that microwaves, cell phones, washing machines and dishwashers, all gifts of technology, are great additions to our everyday life. But that’s not the only reason I think technology has made the world a better place to live in. We live in a superior world because we like to share and technology has made sharing a universal event.

Recently, while looking for online tutorials, I found a website, http://www.coursera.org, which is an organization where many universities come together to teach online courses for free. Yes, for free. I signed up for a course, being taught by Vanderbilt University professors, which will be extremely beneficial for my work.

The act of giving, not just to friends and family but to people unbeknownst to us, makes life more meaningful for us and gives us a higher purpose. And technology unequivocally makes it cooler!

Sharmistha’s Book

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Sharmistha Das

Sharmistha Das, an Indian immigrant engineer and entrepreneur, is the author of "From Hindustan Cables Limited - Journey of a Small-Town Indian Immigrant Woman". Every South Asian woman who has immigrated to America will identify with the adventurous journey of Sharmistha Das. Born in a small rural company town of Hindustan Cables Limited in Bengal, India, Sharmistha grew up with her brother, mother and father in a simple home without running water or furniture, but with a great amount of love. Supported by her parents, she left her hometown for Kolkata and became the first female engineer from her community. After her marriage, she moved to Bangkok, Thailand and finally to America, the land of opportunity and heartache. While working and bringing up her daughter, she got her Masters in Business Administration and started her own business. Unthinkable for a girl from Hindustan Cables, she got divorced in 2012 and adapted to a new life as a single woman and as a single mother. Sharmistha’s story will inspire any women to dare to live her dreams.

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