We owe them…

Recently I came across a podcast in moth.org about a humanitarian aid worker rescuing people from Congo, Africa. I heard it in wnyc for the first time and then listened to the podcast several times before I shared with my friends.
An Impossible Choice

Sasha Chanoff and Sheika, through an organization named, RefugePoint, saves the forgotten people and gives them a second chance at life. It was heart-wrenching and at the same time heart-warming to listen to a story filled with love for fellow human beings.

But the story got me thinking. The media spends scores of hours or pages on celebrities – their lifestyle, their homes, events going on in their lives, and we are glued to the TV and magazines, thus supporting the content. And I thought, “Don’t we owe more coverage and publicity to people like Sasha and Sheika to celebrate humanity?”

However, until that happens, we could at least help them with our time and money. Here’s how.
Get Involved

To be clear, I am in no way connected to this organization. I am simply a regular subscriber and listener to wnyc and believe that there is enough love and goodness among people like us to help the underserved.